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We don't have to many options now, and there's no reason to change your asset allocation because one type of asset is not performing as well.
There are lots of options , they just carry more risk , higher rewards are a reason to change your asset allocation.

I change my asset allocation with the change in markets , I always like to have my money where the best returns are.

Chasing returns is a dangerous game.
Chasing returns IS the game , again it just requires a little risk tolerance , I have my funds in REIT's paying between 8% and 20% , there's no way I'm going to keep much in a savings account at 1% when returns like that are still available and in my opinon carry little risk.

Even most index funds are better than savings accounts , or how about market or commodity linked PPN's , really no risk to the downside , except you maybe lose out on your 1% interest , but still a chance to profit on any upswing of the economy.

The saving grace in these low interest environments is that inflation is low also, so your cash isn't being eaten away as quickly
To me that is not a saving grace , if inflation hits 4% then your 1% gains for the previous three years are toast.

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Can you please share the symbols you like?
I am starting to look into REITS recently...

My core holding in REIT's and my favourite is TR.UN , one of the best paying ones as well.

It is actually paying me in excess of 28% considering I loaded up on shares when they were at $1.80.

For someone getting in at todays price of say , $2.30 or so , your return will be about 21-22% , it is a safe distribution in my opinion and one that will be increased soon as the economy picks up.

Rather than steer you to just my REIT holdings , google Canadian REIT,s ,
there is lots of info out there on them.

This link has some good info as well.

Sampson said:

Originally Posted by furgy
Chasing returns IS the game
Chasing whatever is hot in the market may work for some, but my guess is that its a failing strategy for most.
You are totally wrong , I said chasing returns , not "what's hot" , if you liken the two as the same and keep your funds in low paying ivestments just to avoid chasing "whats hot" , you will most likely have mediocre returns.

I invest for income and always like to have my money where the returns are.
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