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from the CHIP website:

"Based on a CHIP Home Income Plan of $100,000, the annual percentage rate (APR), which is calculated as the rate of interest for the first year of the plan plus closing costs, ranges from 10.40% to 11.18%, depending on the interest rate chosen."

When a person can get a five year fixed rate mortgage at 3.69%, isn't this obscene?

In rough figures, if a person gets $100K from CHIP, and pays 11.18% in the first year, then 8.25% for the next 4; the total debt becomes $154,058 for a cost of borrowing of $54,058.

The cost of borrowing on a five year fixed mortgage at 3.69% is $20,059. for a difference of $34,000. Let's throw in closing costs of $2,000 for the normal mortgage; so there's still a $32,000 difference.

How much does Gordon Pape get?

Yeah, "wouldn't it be nice"....
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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