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Canadian Finance Blog Book Giveaway

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With the re-launch of the new Canadian Finance Blog, I thought we should have a giveaway of some of the best investing books for any do-it-yourself investor. There will be three lucky winners getting one book each.

Canadian Finance Blog Book Giveaway

The books available to be won are:
The Four Pillars of Investing
Stocks for the Long Run
Winning The Loser's Game

How To Enter

To enter, leave a comment (use valid email address so I can contact the winners) in any article posted until the end of next week. Each day will give you one more chance to win!

After leaving at least one comment so that I know you’re interested in these books, you can get bonus entries by doing either (or both) of the following:

* Subscribe to The Canadian Finance Blog email, where you’ll get each article, 5 days a week with no spam emails. If you’re already subscribed and leave a comment, you will automatically get this bonus entry!
* Follow The Canadian Finance Blog on Twitter and re-tweet any of our tweets during the week!

This contest is for the three books above and is open to anyone in Canada or the United States. The deadline for entries is Friday, November 20th at 11:59PM MST and the winners will be contacted by email on Saturday. There will be three winners, chosen with a random number generator from Once I email the winners, first response gets first choice of book, second response get’s second choice and third gets the remaining book. Good luck!
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