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Within in walking distance Sidewalk Citizen Café, they have great coffee and scones.

Sorry, I am not a muffin eater so don't know personally.

Calgary does depend on tourism but it's not the main industry. They will take a major hit without the Stampede this year. Many people will come for the mountains and there are some nice areas around here.

Wouldn't disagree. Calgary is a young city relative to many. It has it's own culture, there are the arts, festivals, and lots of different things. The way people act in Calgary is different than other larger cities. People are friendly. It won't have the culture or history of European cities, or things to do like NYC and major cities, or the awe of being in a fully different culture. People visit Calgary because it's a nice place to visit.
The problem with Calgary or all of Alberta for that matter in regards to culture is that most of the population has always been far too transient to build up a real cultural identity of any kind. That's why I always wonder when people like Kenny talk about 'Albertans', just who it is they are referring to? Does someone who has lived there for 5 years qualify as an Albertan? If an Albertan is defined as a 3rd+ generation resident, there would hardly be any 'Albertans' who qualified.

To develop a culture takes consistency over time which Calgary has never had. I'm not saying there is anything particularly wrong about that, I lived in Calgary for 3 years and was happy enough during that time. But I never considered myself a 'Calgarian' or 'Albertan'.
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