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Cable TV Complaint

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It's a long one, I apologize...

On October 28th we cancelled our satellite service with Bell and switched to Rogers. We had service interruption issues with the satellite and decided it was time for a change. To sweeten the deal, Rogers offered us a FREE HDPVR as well as several discounts over the first two years (though we are not on a contract) to make the move.

Since October 28th, we have been living in digital-cable-tv-Hell! We have had 7 different PVR boxes (all broke down), six different technicians have been to our house and I have had to make several visits to our local Roger's store.

To add insult to injury, our first Roger's bill is for $512!!!!!! I received it on December 12th and someone somwhere charged us for purchasing two HDPVRs for $798. (they gave us a discount though, so the bill was for $512). I called customer care and ranted at them and they apologized profusely for all the difficulty and inconvenience. The bill was corrected.

Fast forward to last night. We received a call from the collections department at Rogers because our bill is 30 days past due and will be referred to a collection agency if we don't pay it. After 1/2 hour on the phone, the collection rep determined that the customer care rep who corrected our $512 bill erroneously changed our payment due date from December 31st to November 30th (before the bill had even been generated!). It has allegedly been corrected.

Who can I complain to? I have tried customer relations, but all I get is a scripted apology! I am really frustrated and want to complain to someone who will acknowledge all the inconvenience this has caused. I believe I should be entitled to further discounts on my next bill to compensate for the time and energy I have spent rectifying all these errors. Since I am not under contract with them, I could leave, but I have invested a lot of time and energy.

Anybody have contact information for someone at Rogers who is in a position to listen to my complaint and act on it?
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