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Buying BMO on Margin

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I've been considering buying $6,000($3,000 on margin) and then signing up for their DRIP program. The DRIP allows any dividends to be reinvested into BMO stock, commission free, and gives up to a 5% discount when stock is purchased this way.

Anyone know of any other stocks worthwhile to look at?
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I would caution margin buying for an inexperienced investor.

Also, see Manulife Financial regarding dividends being cut.

Don't make your decision based on dividend return only is what I am trying to say.
Anyone know of any other stocks worthwhile to look at?
There are a lot of companies that are worthwhile to look at, but a person would need to understand how to read financial statements to find them.
Not a Margin Fan...

When we first started using leverage (mid-to-late 90's) we used a margin account. It was stressful. We were never confronted with a margin call, but it can happen. We have since used our home equity to leverage and this has been much less stressful.

To invest in the DRIP through the transfer agent you will have to obtain stock certificates for the shares (or at least one share) - would you be able to obtain certs for shares on margin?

If you are considering using the DRIP program offered by your brokerage, check if there are fees and whether they can re-invest partial shares.
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