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Buying a house in Ottawa

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Im researching to buy my 1st house, im interested to buy small 1-2 bed room bungalow. I greatly appreciate sharing your knowledge or experience to help me.

House prices are dropping all over the country except Ottawa (according to the OREB: Record-breaking number of resale homes sold in May 2009).

1. Should I buy now or wait hoping for a price drop? and when is the best season to buy?

2. Rough estimate, how much is the closing cost for ~230K house?

3. I like to buying in Alta Vista neighborhood (quiet residential environment and close to the city centre) but houses there are over my budget (around 230k), any recommendations for a similar neighborhood with same attributes in my budget range?

Thanks for your help.
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you should check out

will give you with the pessimistict opinion.
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