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BMO joins the ETF frenzy

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Bank of Montreal wants a piece of the action in the explosion of exchange-traded funds and yesterday launched four offerings on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The new ETFs are the BMO Canadian Government Bond Index (BGB), BMO Dow Jones Canada Titans 60 Index (BCA), BMO US Equity Index (BUE) and BMO Dow Jones Diamonds Index (BDJ).

Three more ETFs, including BMO International Equity, BMO Emerging Markets and BMO Global Infrastructure, will be offered later.
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It is nice to see competition for iShares. All these funds are marginally cheaper than equivalent iShares offerings and it would be interesting to see if they get traction.

My sense is they won't because when it comes to ETFs the first mover has tremendous advantage. ETFs are still mostly used by traders and they prefer the highly liquid names.

Personally for me the MER savings are so small to bother switching from iShares.
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