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how should a big amount ($100K+) be invested?

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i am invested up to the limit in RRSP, TFSA and RESP.

now i want to be fully invested in non-registered investment account as well.

for non-registered account i would choose canadian stocks (80%, VCE etc) and preferreds (20%, CPD etc) at this point. i have a fundamental and value tilt but ETF offerings in these areas are not that compelling over say VCE.

i would like your opinion on whether i should invest the whole amount in a short period i.e. within a week -or- equal amount once a month within six months -or- variable amount once a month within six months so as to buy more of what is cheaper at that date but still ending up close to 80-20.

i am close to 60% stocks and 40% bonds in registered accounts. and bonds do not look promising now compared to large cap stocks.

i recall some discussion on this topic but a fresh opinion would help me.
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