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You must assume that things that equity analysts produce are self-serving because they are supposed to be.

That being said, I share the view of that document. I think people have been fooled by this bear-market rally into thinking we're in a slow recovery.

Yes, China will be the biggest consumers of these "real things". They've been slowly accumulating it over the past several years. But, unfortunately, commodities will not rise because of economic recovery causing increasing world demand. Instead, commodity prices will increase as the world loses trust in fiat currencies and want to diversify out. That is how commodity prices will potentially rise substantially while the world remains in recession/depression.

The USD will be inflated and since it is the reserve currency, will export the inflation to the world.
Sprott is my favorite bear. I haven't read in a while, but he usually makes a compelling case.

I would wager he's suggesting bullion when he references "real things". His article back in Octoberish or Novemberish of last year was pretty famous - "buy gold" in the biggest font they could digitize.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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