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Okay, so I'm pretty new to this thread but have been gathering much information off this credited site for the past week as my story has been developing.

I'm very confused as to what my actions are, and where my credits lay.

To start - My account was a Checking Account, which after depositing a cheque on the 15th it turned into a "partial frozen" but bank suggested it's a deposit only account. I'm not sure the meaning, nor have I had such luck looking for such a problem.

Now I can access my banking information through telephone banking, which does claim my cheque has went through and it's sitting in my account untouched as I can't touch it. I owe $1,300 for overdraft in my Savings (Rent), and they claim this cheque to possibly be fraudulent thus the "partially frozen" description.

I understand, they don't want to release any more money if I had no funds in my bank to cover the overdraft amount. I requested the overdraft amount be paid with this cheque and I'd still have a balance remaining to withdraw, which in turn they claim the cheque to be fraudulent which it clearly isn't as it has processed through my employments bank.

I've never heard of this process in my life, it's been 7 business days since my deposit and countless phone calls and talks with my bank. I'm obviously going to cancel this account because I feel this hassle has left me more undermined than a turkey on thanksgiving.

Now the bank still says, after it's cleared his bank and after my countless efforts to regain access to my funds, that this cheque is fraudulent and it's like they're "good cop, bad cop" strategy is to make me come out of a falsely accused cocoon. I'm rid of this situation, and not sure where my next step should be as I've actually resorted to Pawning some of my items as it is necessary I drive to work daily. On my lucky side, I've only another 4 days to go through then I will be receiving my next pay which will be dealt with by a completely different financial institution and all finances should be back in place.

So my concern, mainly, is how to get my funds out of this account. I'm at the point that I could care less if they keep a debited account on my head of $1,300. I'd much prefer there company take a deficit and shareholders included as I've been super peeved,

---- What Can I do to withdraw my money?---- It is a "Deposit Only Account" in there terms.---

I can't take money out from any of there banks, so I'm told from my advisor. Nor can I use there internet services to look over and of my account information. I have pre-authorized withdraws that will be coming out of this account at the end of the month. Rent, Shaw, Wind Mobile, etc. Roughly $1,125.00. This would still leave them enough money to settle up with my saving account, I would be living off my next pay cheque as expected. Now, with the status of my account and my unknown understanding of it and with my banks unwillingness to talk past a roughened conversation, where do I stand with these withdraws coming out?

As I said, I can access my telephone banking and it does allow me the option to "make a bill payment" but my bills are auto-withdrawn. I'm not sure of maybe the telephone banking is out-of-date and inaccurate as to being able to still pay-out money. I'm hoping it is correct and that funds will still be able to withdraw from my Checking account, otherwise I may be in a tight position for the beginning of next month again. I just want surety in my life when it comes to financial institutions, I'm thinking of not using a bank as I could never trust a uncertified cheque to not have this similar process happen again.
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