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Anyone used Credential Direct before?

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Just doing some more research...

Anyone used Credential Direct before, or have any feedback about it?
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I found two Credential Direct articles in my archives, which you may find useful (be sure to check out the comments as well):

Limited Wash Trades at Credential Direct
Credential Direct Review
CanadianCapitalist's review is accurate. I use Credential Direct for both my non-registered account and TFSA. Trading fees are relatively high ($19) for non-active traders. There are no account fees for TFSAs and no fees for RRSPs valued over $15,000. (I think the fees are lower if you only hold mutual funds in the RRSP account). There is little in the way of analyst research (Desjardin is the only regular analysts report). I use Credential Direct because it was linked through the credit unions in BC. When I opened my account, its fees were comparable or less than the banks trading platforms.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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