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Anyone heading south of the border for shopping deals on Black Friday?

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I never go. Are there really great deals to be had? Or is it just junk, marked down?
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I know it could be a good deal going to the US to shop but we have to think about what we are doing.

First of all I believe we should buy Canadian made if possible. I am willing to spend up to 15% more if a product is made in Canada that way keeping our money in our own country and keeping people in jobs here.

Second, I believe to buy as much as possible local in my own town and again I am willing to spend a bit more. It saves me the time and expenses associated with travel. And this way I help our local community with jobs, which hopefully will benifit me in the end as well.

Think about this next time when you jump in the car and plan on spending your Canadian dollars in the US for items that are made in another country.

I just love this wonderful country of ours.

Here here! Literally!
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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