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Mutual Funds for Canadians for Dummies, 2nd ed. Andrew Bell. Pub. 2002. The specific fund references are getting dated because of the way markets have changed radically since 2001, but still an excellent introduction to what mutual funds are all about. Good common sense advice for the average investor

Personal Finance for Canadians for Dummies, 4th ed. (2006) Eric Tyson & Tony Martin

Investing for Canadians for Dummies, 3rd ed. Eric Tyson & Tony Martin
For the more advanced investor, but has a chapter on mutual funds.

Stock Investing for Canadians for Dummies. Andrew Dagys & Paul Mladjenovic

Money Management for Canadians All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies, 2nd Ed. Andrew Bell, Andrew Dagys & Paul Mladjenovic; Tony Inannou w. Heather Ball; Margaret Kerr & JoAnn Kurtz; John Lawrence Reynolds; Kathleen Sindell. I haven’t read this one, seems to be a compilation of material from some of the other books.
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