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Been meaning to share an article from the September 23rd Financial Post. The article "Beyond volatility" is a profile of the Manulife Canadian Equity Fund. The fund manager describes what the fund is invested in and why, and talks about high beta stocks, yield curve, her perceived lack of upside potential in bank stocks, the double-dip scenario, etc, etc.

This article drew my curiosity as I am mainly an index investor who subscribes to the belief that nobody (or an extreme few) can consitently beat the market.
I thought, this lady seems to know what she's talking about, so lets see how her fund's performance stacks up against the index:

Manulife Cdn Equity ishares S&P/TSX 60 (XIU)
(as of aug 31)
1 YR 4.66 8.98
3 YR -7.89 -1.83
5 YR .74 5.27
10 YR .63 2.10
MER 2.48 .17

I do realize that these funds are not in exactly the same category (Man Cdn Eq market cap focus is 1 billion+) but they suffice for illustration purposes.
The fund manager and her company are making lots of money, but the investor is getting screwed. Just thought I'd share.
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