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I need some advice here. I bought something off best buy on 2011 FEB through best buy CREDIT. At this time, I was living on Address: AAAA. I never received any payment letter from BEST buy since August 2011. Therefore, I went to best buy an enquired them, and they told me to wait until I receive the letter to pay. Since I don’t have a Credit Card No, they couldn't do anything.

All of a sudden, Credit Recovery was chasing me for the amount I owe for Best Buy + interest and other charges. So I asked for the account no, they said they only have the first 4 and the last 4 no. ( 3432 XXXX XXXX 2322). I called the best buy several time, and they could not locate me in their system. I gave all the details they wanted. (Like previous address, names, blah blah). Finally they said they will contact me after 30 day investigation. After a month and half, they send me an letter indicating, the records don't much my profile. Therefore, they don’t have any actions to do.

Every time, the credit recovery called I emailed the letter. They went away. This happened few times.

Finally, on March 2012, Total Recovery Called. In addition, He finally gave me the full account no and contact number to call Best Buy chase. Since my Credit report was getting bad, I paid off the full amount. Then I called the Best buy chase and now they are saying me I contacted the US chase branch earlier that is why they could not get my info. However, the letter they sent earlier is there in their record. After investigating they found out they have been sending all the statements/credit card to my previous address ( Address: BBB). (I think it is because the best buy had my previous address on their system, and never updated when I applied for the credit).

After a long conversation, the Manager/Supervisor asked me to send my address proof at the time of my credit application. Therefore, I sent the followings.
1. My copy of license
2. Tenancy Agreement to prove my address
3. My VISA ( From bank) statements.
4. Best buy promotion letters addressed to address AAAA at the time of Credit Application .
5. Notice of assements 2010, 2011. They both have Address AAAA.

After 3 weeks, still no reply from best buy. So called them today, and the answer is Big NO. They cannot do anything about it.

My Question is: Even though it is not my fault, I have paid all the charges. I just want this to be waived out of the credit history. It is the bloody shop's fault.
My history is perfect. Not even a single late payment. Except this one. How can I get out of this issue? Any advice would be helpful..

Thank you
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