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Please, beware of Questrade!
Recently, I established with them TFSA account and send 5,000 CAD.
Next day after unsatisfactory conversation with customer service, I requested close account and send my money back to my bank account.
And I can’t get my money back!
They use customer's money as free loan and make any excuse do not return money.
Save your time and money and RUN from this company. It is going to end badly.
Okay, for the other people that do have an account with Questrade, how do you get your money out from the account when you need it? Irina, what response did you get from them when you asked for your money back? I find it hard to believe that they just said 'no'. Is there a waiting period? What options do you have for transfering money out of the account?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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