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2010 And Beyond

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What do you think looks good in 2010 and beyond.

Risky: Rare Earth looks like a good bet in 2010 and beyond
Gold is in a bull market and thats all you need to know

Otherwise utilities and healthcare opportunities look like a good bet


I should say beyond is like in the next 2-5 years
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while ago there was a moly/rare earth craze.

while researching around i came across an opinion that rare earth fads always appear near the end of bull metals cycles.

now we're hearing rumble about rare earths again ... but i don't know ... i'm always skeptical about those metals newsletter writers esp the pm writers ... they've always been the dark underbelly of canadian penny stock markets ... for nearly a century ...

gold now, i'd agree it's in a long-term bull trend but right now it could possibly sleep & drift sideways. I have my positions in medium & large producers staked out. I have my favourite junior explorer, who's coming along nicely. Not selling, but not adding.

PS an afterthought i also have a bull call spread in the US dollar lol.
good idea rickson.

i'm not knowledgeable in this sector, have not decided if i'm willing to spend the time to bone up.

in the meantime it's the human interest stories that appeal to me, especially those about the pioneers who are moving into absolutely devastated city core neighbourhoods in the rust belt northeast and northcentral states. Artists, IP professionals and other net based workers who are daring to reclaim, block by city block, tiny districts in flint, battle creek, erie, syracuse, akron ...

i'm not giving up on the US of A. Still, it does cross my mind from time to time that she may become a kind of giant Venice, now that the productive base of industry has forsaken her and moved, possibly permanently, into 3rd world countries and emerging economies. Will she, too, slowly sink into the waves. Not nearly as elegantly as Venice herself. It will be more like a colossal junkyard drowning.
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i have small position in geodex a penny stock w properties in new brunswick. Sort of quasi-rare earths. Moly, tungsten, tellurium ... all in all has been a dog ...
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