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15,000 Aeroplan Miles bonus w/ the CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite Card

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If you're looking to save up reward miles, check out the CIBC Aerogold Visa Infinite Card. Receive 15,000 Aeroplan Miles upon approval and first purchase, and earn miles twice when using your Aeroplan card in conjunction with your Aerogold Visa Infinite Card! With the 15,000 miles you can get close to flying to a nearby province or some states in the continental USA. You now have 15,000 reasons to check this out:
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My favorite card as we do travel quite a bit and we use it for large volumes of business expenses.I got a call yesterday from CIBC to transfer balances or use my checks 0% until December 31 with 1% admin fee.
Didn't that bug you? I hate when they mail me those stupid transfer cheques all the time, now they're calling as well?
Yes they called me , I tear up the cheques every month .I don't have anything to transfer to them lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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