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withholding tax

  1. Withholding Tax on US dividends

    Hi everyone, I have some US stocks (VTI and VXUS) in my non-registered account with RBC. I know that their dividends are subject to the 15% withholding tax. However, I file a US tax return and have a SSN. So, is there any way for me to avoid the tax? Perhaps by including those securities on...
  2. TFSA Dividends Withholding TAX USD

    Hello all, I was hoping to get some feedback. Here is my situation: I have $15,000 room in my TFSA and I have $15,000 USD cash lying around not doing me any good. Since the USD is nearly at par with the CAD, I don't want to exchange the USD to CAD to invest it. I would like to buy some...
  3. ETF: US withholding tax hit in RRSP

    I want to hold US stocks or bonds in my RRSP, preferably through an ETF. I could simply buy a US ETF on a US exchange in my self directed RRSP. There will be no US withholding taxes on the dividends or interest. The only downside is I have to pay retail spreads to exchange CAD for USD when I...
  4. Moving US positions from TFSA to RRSP

    G'day all. I've been doing some research but can't seem to find anything definitive. Does anyone know how I can go about moving some US positions from my TFSA to my RRSP? When I first purchased them I was just getting into handling my own investments, and didn't realize that the RRSP is the...
  5. Stop Tax Withholding?

    I was wondering if its possible to get my employer to stop withholding tax so I can pay in a lump sum every quarter or on a yearly basis. I found this post by someone with the same motivations: But there didn't seem to be a clear consensus...
  6. Non resident withholding tax on US based Partnership

    Recently I noticed that non US resident withholding tax for some of the US based Partnerships that I am holding in non registered account was 35% which is significantly more than usual 15% for any US based corporation or US based trust. Has this always been a case or it is a new withholding...

    Has any body claimed withholding taxe on US equities dividend received? I got account in Scotia i trade and dividend received from Mcdonald they deducted withholding Tax.