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  1. General Personal Finance Talk
    Whenever I pop over to the outlet mall, I see so many young people shopping for designer clothes and bags. Most of the time, there is a long line at Kate Spades for bags and they buy several items at once. Back in the 80s when I was their age, jobs were so plentiful but we still didn't have...
  2. Taxation
    Hi all, I'm British but have previously worked in Canada on a 2-year working holiday visa. I left Canada on September 4, after leaving my company on August 28. I was back paid owed amounts by my company on September 15 and September 30, after I had left the country. A question on TurboTax is...
  3. Deals and Freebies
    Hey everyone, To all the hockey fans -- Metro and Loblaws are doing a sweet contest w/ Visa. If you buy a $100+ Visa Prepaid Gift Card, you can be entered to win 6 tickets to the World Cup of Hockey AND get a $1000 Visa Prepaid Gift Card. Pretty sweet deal if you're looking to buy someone a...
1-3 of 3 Results