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  1. Vanguard Portfolio ETFs

    I've been looking at the new Vanguard Portfolio ETFs (VEQT, VGRO, VBAL, VCNS, VCIP). Why are they cheaper than their underlying parts? For example, as of today (March 22, 2020), here's the allocation and price breakdown of VEQT: Ticker Name Allocation Price VUN Vanguard US Total...
  2. ETFs portfolio

    Hi guys, I’m a Quebec student in civil engineering. I have 5 traineeships during my degree and now I have a ****load of cash that I don’t need. I was investing in a NBC fund with a MER of 2.5% (yeah) and now I decided to open a brokerage account. I’m now setting my portfolio and investing...
  3. New ETFs From Vanguard

    As many of you already know, Vanguard Canada has announced a new suite of ETFs: I am very enthusiastic about the new Vanguard FTSE...