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  1. Can I ballpark estimate Toronto condo price appreciation?

    Real Estate
    Hi all: I'm downsizing to a condo in the next few months. In order to estimate how much my condo will be worth in, say, 20-25 years, I've asked a number of real estate "experts" to give me ballpark estimates, or even guesses, as to how much the value might appreciate over, say, 20-25 years...
  2. Corner Lot value appreciation

    Real Estate
    I've been receiving mixed views regarding this, but I thought I would post here to see what people have to say. My main Question is: Do corner lots appreciate at the same rate as other houses. I know the price of the corner lot(assuming traffic) will be less than normal houses, but will they...
  3. Loblaw (L)

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    According to Google finance, the P/E ration for Loblaw is 575.15 as of today. I don't understand why this stock is has climbed so much over the last year (> 50%). Their net profit margin was 2.16% last quarter. Is this high valuation because they're sacrificing profits in an attempt to...
  4. Valuation of Tech Stocks

    I was reading the discussion about Apple, was about to post, but thought I'd start a new thread instead. I noticed that the majority of tech stocks--Apple and RIM being two good examples--pay no dividends and have, aside from their intellectual property, a minimal amount of assets compared to...