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  1. Looking to hedge a stock market downturn and the Canadian Dollar

    Hi, I am new to investing and have excess cash sitting in various high interest savings accounts (1.5% !!) I am in my early 30's and have no debts or property. I am looking to take half our cash savings and hedge against weakening canadian dollar and hedge against a down turn in the stock...
  2. Converting USD->CAD, worth it?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I am a US citizen, living in Canada. I've lived here now for 5 years, and am working towards citizenship. However, I don't know if I will be here indefinitely, or if I would retire here. Interestingly, I get paid in USD, which I currently benefit from because the exchange rate is good. I've...
  3. How to handle stocks 'left' in US Trading Account?

    Hi. I'm trying to help out somebody who is in a unusual situation and I thought I'd try here first to help narrow down our options. A good while ago my friend went to work in the United States and acquired some company stock from her company. She left that company, came back to Canada but...
  4. places to put 120k USD without having to convert to CAD

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi there, wanted to get some advice from people currently holding USD. my situation: 120K USD cash sitting in a regular USD checking account (only earning around $15/m currently) would rather not convert to CAD given the current rate Plan to use half for mid term (~5 years, down payment for...
  5. TFSA Dividends Withholding TAX USD

    Hello all, I was hoping to get some feedback. Here is my situation: I have $15,000 room in my TFSA and I have $15,000 USD cash lying around not doing me any good. Since the USD is nearly at par with the CAD, I don't want to exchange the USD to CAD to invest it. I would like to buy some...
  6. I'm Paid in USD - What's the best way to exchange?

    I'm on an IT contract in the US (living at home in Ontario) and am paid monthly about 7,500 USD. (This might increase too as I may be bringing in a subcontractor) The best exchange rate I can get is through my TDCT or TDW account which charges 1.5% premium over the FOREX rate. So I'll waste...
  7. Best Ways to Convert Large Amounts of USD to CAD?

    With my work I get paid in USD every month from multiple sources. I move it through my RBC USD personal account and transfer it to my online brokerage account @ Scotia iTrade. The amounts I'm dealing with are upwards of $10,000 USD/month. What I'm asking is the best way to convert the USD to...
  8. TD eSeries (Fees on USD Conversion vs Higher MERs on Hedged Funds)

    UPDATE - I searched a bit more in the forums and found more info on the differences between the various TD eSeries funds I'm looking at. Sorry for the duplication. However, if anyone has any further commentary on hedged funds vs non-hedged, I'm all ears. Thanks! ==============================...
  9. moving USD to from US to Canada

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I live in Canada but earn USD that gets deposited into a US bank. Every month, I use XE to convert the funds to CAD and plop them into my Canadian account; this takes about 5 business days. The exchange rate at XE isn't spectacular, so I am investigating using Norbert's Gambit to cut costs...