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  1. Pls give some estimate of how much taxes I would pay if I trade US stock while living

    Pls give some estimate of how much taxes I would pay if I trade US stock while living in Canada? I'm a newcomer from Kazakhstan, going to live in Canada starting from july 2018. I already have a foreign individual account with TD Ameritrade, still hold kazakhstani passport and there is legal...
  2. Taxes: US vs. Canada Common Law

    In Canada, you are required to file taxes as common law if you're shacked up and you have a baby (otherwise I wouldn't). To end a Canadian common-law relationship, you just have to sign a letter and move out. In the US, it is much more difficult to become common law and you aren't ever forced...
  3. Designate US property as "Principle Residence'

    I currently own a condo in the states, I bought it in an area where prices were depressed in 2011, for a sum in the low $100k range. I conservatively value it at double what I paid for it. I also currently own a home in 'joint tennancy' with a family member in eastern Canada. Which is in the...
  4. Investment Portfolio - Moving to the US

    Does anyone have experience with tax exposure unregistered investments on moving to the U.S.? As far I as understand, you're pay capital gains tax in Canada as if you had sold all your investments, and the price when you move is your new basis. Does the same thing happen when you move back to...
  5. CA Citizen / US Resident Alien - Working in CA for US client, which tax forms to use?

    Hi, I'm a Canadian citizen but have spent most of the last year in the US, so for tax purposes I am a Resident Alien. I am now living in Canada, but have some US clients that I'm hoping to do some work for remotely from here. I'm unsure of what documents to give my employers. First I figured a...
  6. transferring us stock gift to canada

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I live in Canada. A relative living in the US would like to gift me some stocks rather than cash. The advantage of gifting me stocks is that he would not be liable for capital gains tax in the US on his gift (up to a certain point). As a Canadian living in Canada, I won't have to pay gift tax...
  7. Canadian Tax Accountant Familiar With Non-Resident Tax Laws

    I'm a dual-citizen originally from Canada and have lived in California since 2009. Looking for a tax accountant to help me file Canadian taxes, who is familiar with non-resident rules. Thanks! :)
  8. TFSA & U.S. residence

    Here is my situation: Canadian citizen $15,000 contributed to TFSA to date Plan to contribute $5,000 (max allowance) to TFSA in 2012 Plan to move to U.S. as an American Permanent Resident in 2012 (have a green card) With aim to one day return to Canada (to retire in 10-20 years), what should I...
  9. Investing in USA Business. Corp structure and Tax issues both sides?

    I am looking at a Motel investment in NY or MI... with a US based partner. Anyone has any advice on how to structure my set up in USA with an eye on taxation both sides and repatriation of funds. Done extensive research and find it very complicated, any suggestions that will help me to wrap my...
  10. US Income

    any tips on dealing on taxation on consulting income from an american company. i have nothing for 2009 but will have some for 2010.