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  1. New Canadian Permanent Resident self employed in UK. Who do I pay taxes to?

    Hi there, I have recently moved to BC as a permanent resident, but I am still being paid in the UK on a self employed basis as an online contractor. I am extremely confused about taxes.. I understand that there is a tax treaty between UK and Canada, but I am unsure who I should pay taxes to...
  2. Banking advice, moving to UK for work (2+ years timeframe), expat, Canada -> UK

    General Personal Finance Talk
    In a few months I will be moving to UK for work, and expect to be back in 2+ years. SAVINGS: I have TFSA (maxed), RRSP (maxed for home buyers program), and rest in HISA. GOAL: I want to continue saving while in UK, so that when I come back I am in a good position to purchase a home...
  3. International Rental Properties: London, UK & South America

    Real Estate
    Just came from London and Paris for the holidays. I'll be posting my tips, advice and experience on the Travel thread. While in London, I found that cost of living is relatively high, specially when converting GBP to CAD. The city is not without its charms and I could certainly see myself going...