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  1. Investing
    Today the tsx is sitting at around 15000, pretty much where it was just before the big drop in 2008. I am confused as to the language I hear from multiple sources that we are in one of the longest bull markets ever. Here's one. So many pundits are saying we need to prepare for a "correction"...
  2. Investing
    Here are some possibility of Canadian TSX Composite index crashing
  3. Azx

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Azx been performing well last couple of days. Volume was double the average 2 days ago. Might be a good buy to look into, new news releases are expected.
  4. General Personal Finance Talk
    HI, I was wondering if there is a service that one can subscribe to which automatically monitors share prices on the tsx and as soon as a selected share crosses a certain threshold, you get a notification... does anyone know of such a service for shares (incl ETFs) listed on the TSX?
1-4 of 4 Results