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  1. Medical Insurance - Amount Claimable

    I was wondering how you go about claiming the medical insurance portion of travel insurance on your taxes? Most articles I read say you can only claim the medical insurance portion (fair enough) and for those of us with total coverage (cancellation, early return and medical grouped into one...
  2. Travel Source "Travel Savings" Program

    I bought into a travel "savings" program that I was very unhappy with called Travel Source or Go Travel Source. I was unable to find information on the web about other people's experiences with it and wanted to get my experience out there so other people could make a better informed decision...
  3. Travel to Guatemala

    General Discussion
    Thinking of a recent Budapest thread, I'm curious how many here have traveled to Guatemala? A sister of a friend of mine lives there, so that is a great resource for me but I want to hear from others who have traveled there recently - did you have a good experience? Was it a reasonably priced...