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  1. Estate Planning - Property Transfer

    Hello, I'm helping my father with his estate planning. He has a primary residence with (200K mortgage remaining) and a cottage property (free and clear). He's only 68 years old. Plenty of years left. But he's quite adamant to structure this now. He wants to transfer the property to our names...
  2. Transfering stock from one person to another

    Hi can someone please help me with the below. My friend purchased some stock for me under her investment account. I.e. X number of Shares of ABC. I now have my own investment account and would like to transfer those shares to me. I know the obvious way to do that is for her to sell it and for...
  3. Rental Property Contract Question

    Real Estate
    Hi all, My parents gifted me a rental property that currently has tenants living in it. They are on a month-to-month contract with my parents (the previous landlords) and I wish to continue this month-to-month contract with them. My parents did not tell the tenants that the property was sold...
  4. Am I a subject for income tax declaration?

    Hi all. I and my family became permanent residents in May 2012 (1.5+ years from today). Upon arrival I got my SIN, opened a bank account (deposited 200 cad) and got driver's license, no residential ties, no car, no health card, no clames for child benefits etc.... We stayed in Canada for 1 week...
  5. transferring us stock gift to canada

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I live in Canada. A relative living in the US would like to gift me some stocks rather than cash. The advantage of gifting me stocks is that he would not be liable for capital gains tax in the US on his gift (up to a certain point). As a Canadian living in Canada, I won't have to pay gift tax...
  6. Any way to avoid capital gains on rental property???

    Real Estate
    I own a small rental property. I would like to transfer ownership of the property to my parents (i.e. gift the property), who will be retiring soon. The purpose of this is to supplement their retirement income with the rental income (it's not much, but a little bit extra each month will help)...
  7. Cheapest way to transfer money to someone in Kenya?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    And no, this isn't one of those "send me money" scams, we have a friend in Kenya who is going to school and needs financial assistance, so we're trying to help her out. Last time we used Western Union and the fees were a turn off, I would rather send my friend more money and use an option with...
  8. Moving US positions from TFSA to RRSP

    G'day all. I've been doing some research but can't seem to find anything definitive. Does anyone know how I can go about moving some US positions from my TFSA to my RRSP? When I first purchased them I was just getting into handling my own investments, and didn't realize that the RRSP is the...