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  1. Pls give some estimate of how much taxes I would pay if I trade US stock while living

    Pls give some estimate of how much taxes I would pay if I trade US stock while living in Canada? I'm a newcomer from Kazakhstan, going to live in Canada starting from july 2018. I already have a foreign individual account with TD Ameritrade, still hold kazakhstani passport and there is legal...
  2. Do you use PTMC platform?

    Hi to all, Several days ago I found interesting trading software (in my opinion) that provides access to FX and exchange markets via different brokers (FXCM, OANDA, Interactive Brokers). This is PTMC or Protrader Multi-Connect I tried it with IB and find it very-very interesting for my purposes...
  3. New Business Incorporation inquiry

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi All, I have recently done a federal incorporation for a company that i am considering starting that i plan on making a wealth management firm way later down the road. I am currently working towards my CFP and CIM designations and definitely have the entrepreneurial drive so I am seeking...
  4. How Chinese Economy Impacts Canada?

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Canada and the U.S. may share the world’s longest border, but Canada’s economy relies more heavily on China than the U.S. A strong Chinese economy and rising imports and exports translates into higher investment in Canada and increased demand for goods and services. This also means increased...
  5. Five Reasons Why Oil Prices Will Fall in the Near Term

    General Personal Finance Talk
    1. There are growing worries that Britain will vote to leave the European Union. There is uncertainty about the vote, which takes place on June 23, with the “Leave” camp slightly ahead in most polls. 2. Economic data coming out of the U.S., the world’s biggest economy, China, the second biggest...
  6. What to do with Alibaba (BABA) Now?

    Nice article on BABA!What-to-do-with-Alibaba-BABA-Now/c95u/8996C961-06C6-49FC-BBDF-83BC55092204
  7. Pattern Day Trading rules in Canada

    Hi All, I currently live in the United States and I am an active trader but my account is below $25,000, so according to pattern day trading rules I can't day trade more than 3 day trades in 5 business days. Here are my questions: 1) Do Canada follow the same pattern day trading rules like the...
  8. Daytrading inside a TFSA for a living

    Can anyone provide evidence that would support the claim that the CRA can tax you for earning $120K per year inside your TFSA and making a monthly withdrawal of $10K to live on? I only trade NASDAQ and NYSE stocks. My broker is Questrade, so I can day trade inside my TFSA is US$. I have looked...
  9. Trading Currency Futures are more profitable than Eminis?

    Many new traders begin their trading experience on the mini Indices, with a primary focus on the mini S&P 500, as either a scalping trader or an intra-day trader. Their daily profit target is normally between three to five points (at $50 per point). For an experience scalping trader, this could...
  10. Limits to frequency of trades with the same stock?

    When stock trading, I understand that there are limits to the number of trades one can make with respect to a single company's stock within a certain time period. Can anyone confirm or provide any details? Thanks very much.