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  1. Investing
    Hi all ! We’ve seen a few posts here on the Forum of people looking to track and consolidate their investment portfolio online. It’s a real pain to keep track of all the fees, expenses and the performance of your account, especially when you have accounts with multiple financial institutions...
  2. Investing
    For a long time now I've been trying to find a portfolio tracker that works for my situation... I'm sure there are others in the same situation and I'm hoping I can get some suggestions. Need something that fulfills at least these requirements: automatic importing of my trades from Questrade...
  3. Investing Discovered this workbook today... anyone use it ? It look very nice ! I currently use Quicken but portfolioslicer seem much more complete.
  4. Investing
    Hi, Some time ago I posted here that I am working on Excel workbook for Investment tracking in Excel. As I worked on this workbook, I realized that more people might be interested, so I decided to publish everything I did. I have to point out that this type of tracking is more suited for...
1-4 of 4 Results