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  1. Mutual funds and tax deferred accounts: How to combine them?

    Hi there! I'm looking to buy mutual funds at either TD or CIBC; however I already own tax-deferred accounts at RBC (1 TFSA and 1 RRSP). How should I go about setting my funds within either of these accounts? Will I be able to combine them or will I have to start a new tax-deferred account at...
  2. Do company matching - with covid19

    I started company matching my TFSA about a mojth ago. Is it a bad decision, not only it is a bear market, also the future of job security is not clear as well. What would you do?
  3. Newbie TFSA investor

    New Member Introductions
    Hello Everyone! Im a little late to the investing game but my wife and I have started to save a very small amount every month in a TD TFSA account. We have a tonne of contribution room in both our TFSAs and RRSPs. We currently have just under $900 in the account and I haven't invested the...
  4. TFSA room

    When my son graduated from university three years ago, he left Canada and claimed non residence for the past 3 years. He is now back to Canada. He never has TFSA account bfefore. I am wondering if TFSA room he was eligible before he left Canada is still available to him. Thanks in advance.
  5. Oops.. overcontributed to TFSA. What next?

    I have no idea how this happened, but in 2018 I made two $5500 contributions to my TFSA, one in Feb and one in March. That put me $5500 over the limit. I just received a letter from CRA notifying me of this (more than a year later!). I'm sure there are penalties involved, which I will try to...
  6. Is my calculation right? Taxable account vs TFSA

    Assumption: Margin income tax rate: 43% Dividend yield of international ETF ( ZSP or ZEF): 2.0% Fund: $50000 Taxable Account vs TFSA Dividend 1000 vs...
  7. Drip stock investing or etf

    I'm trying to advise a young person on long term investing. I'm very much a drip investor. I like how when the market is sinking you don't need to panic because you'll get your dividends reinvested at a lower price and maybe pick up even more shares. So for me, it helps to protect myself from...
  8. Need input for personal financial scenario...

    General Personal Finance Talk
    My fixed mortgage at 2.69% is up April 2020 where lump sum payments dont affect current interest payments. I have 15k sitting in my chequings account and 8k in a cheesy lowest interest ever TFSA. I have seen GIC ads for 3% interest for a one year term and am curious if I would be better off...
  9. Can Income Tax On Interest Income Be Considered A Carrying Charge?

    I loaned money from my tfsa in 2012. It was supposed to be for 6 months but the loan was not repaid until 2017. There is interest income to report. Can I deduct the income tax on this interest income as a carrying charge? If the money was not loaned it would have grown tax free within the...
  10. TFSA conundrum

    Hi Folks, Newcomer to the Forum (and loving what I am seeing so far). I am 50, looking to retire in 5 years. Wife is 48 and looking to retire in 10 years. Combined income of 325k (25/75) I have been debating on whether or not to put the following into action: • Deplete TFSAs (combined...
  11. Is now a good timing to enter the marker (index funds)?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi all, Thank you for reading my post and sharing your opinion. I am 27 and have 50k that I would like to invest for my retirement. Call it a ~30-35 year investment. The money is now 'sleeping' in my TFSA, not invested for now. After a bit of shopping and following Buffet's advice for people in...
  12. Buying what for 2018 TFSA?

    It's soon to be that time of the year. Your 2018 TFSA contribution. This year I am leaning heavily on purchasing $5500 worth of BIP.UN. What are you looking at doing?
  13. How and why does a book value on a TD e-Series index fund change?

    Hello, I have a TFSA with TD on which I invested $2500 in each of the 4 classic e-series index funds following the couch-potato strategy. To this day, the book values on 3 of the funds remained as $2500 each except for that of the Canadian Bond Index fund. It changed to $2505 for some reason...
  14. Why am I losing money on couchpotato?

    Hi, I am a new investor. I opened a TFSA account with TD and invested in their e-series index funds by following the couchpotato strategy. I evenly distributed $10000 across all 4 usual index funds. So, each had a book value of $2500. Within a week, I see the total market value dropped down to...
  15. Second account needed to register on TD EasyWeb to operate on e-Series TFSA?

    Hi All, I have a TD mutual fund, which is going through the process of being converted into an e-Series TFSA, but I cannot access it via EasyWeb and invest in their e-series index funds. Why? Because they won't allow (!) me to register on EasyWeb with an access card unless I open a second...
  16. Am I eligible to go beyond the yearly limit of contributions into a TFSA?

    Hello Everyone, I heard that someone who never invested in a TFSA is not constrained by the usual yearly limit and that he/she could open a TFSA and invest something like $50000 or a little more. I am trying to see if that opportunity is applicable in my case. I have been a permanent resident...
  17. TFSA/Royal Bank/ CRA problem.

    Royal Bank bought Ally bank in 2013 and does not know how to report correctly to CRA transfer of my TFSA account. I withdrawn money from Royal bank and deposited again next year in another bank according to contribution’s limit. I got a letter from CRA about over contribution. Royal bank does...
  18. Moving to the US - Tax Implications

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi everyone, I've recently accepted a job in California so I'll be moving there from Toronto. In total I will have been there < 183 days since I'll be moving in mid-August. I had a few questions about tax implications on my investment accounts and income taxes and would really appreciate any...
  19. How do I invest with-in my TFSA?

    Hi everyone, First time posting here in the forum. I am new to investing and just have my money sitting in a TFSA within Meridian Credit Union. I am wondering how I go about investing within my TFSA? Do I need to sign up with a brokerage such as Questrade online? Or can I pick ETF's, etc...
  20. Trading profits for full-time investor cannot be consider capital gains anymore???

    Sorry, I wasn't sure if this belongs to the investing or taxation forum, but it seems most relevant to taxation. The Situation: Let's say I decided to quit my day job since i'm nearing retirement anyways. And I plan to just live off my investments profits (mostly growth and dividend stocks) in...