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tfsa tax

  1. US dividend stocks in TFSA

    I read that TFSA should be last place where you buy US dividend paying stocks and I agree with the reasons. But few questions - Is there withholding tax for US stock based ETFs that pay dividends (e.g Vanguard ETFs)? I have an account with Questrade. I read that I need to sign W8-BEN form to...
  2. TFSA & U.S. residence

    Here is my situation: Canadian citizen $15,000 contributed to TFSA to date Plan to contribute $5,000 (max allowance) to TFSA in 2012 Plan to move to U.S. as an American Permanent Resident in 2012 (have a green card) With aim to one day return to Canada (to retire in 10-20 years), what should I...
  3. TFSA - what is CRA doing with overcontributions?

    Last year when TFSA was introduced I opened a few accounts at different institutions (TFSA savings accounts) and did some surfing across the accounts last year to keep the $5,000 initial TFSA deposit sitting in the bank that had the highest rates at the time. The total amount in all accounts at...