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  1. Real Estate
    Hi all, My parents gifted me a rental property that currently has tenants living in it. They are on a month-to-month contract with my parents (the previous landlords) and I wish to continue this month-to-month contract with them. My parents did not tell the tenants that the property was sold...
  2. Real Estate
    Hey guys/gals, Recently, I purchased a rental property and it's a condo building that was constructed somewhere in 2015 and took occupancy shortly after. Are there laws as to how much I can increase the rent by to my current tenants? Some people say yes, others say no.. I called the Landlord...
  3. Real Estate
    Sorry, this is not money related, but I thought I would hear from people who have a little more life experience. Also, sorry for the long post! I live in a large apartment building that is part of a series of buildings. The rental office is in a building across from mine. It is part of a...
1-3 of 3 Results