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  1. Investing
    Anyone know why QQQ (Nasdaq-100 US ETF) outperforms its Canadian equivalents ZQQ and XQQ? - In the last 5 years QQQ has increased by 94.92% while ZQQ and XQQ both increased by only 87.36% Whatever the reasons, is it a better deal to invest in QQQ and pay the currency conversion fee every time...
  2. Investing
    Any one interested investing VR&AR Eduation? Immersive English Learning? Victoria BC Infusion Edutainment VR & AR Research and Developing Company. We are located in Victoria BC, Canada. We have been in operating since November 2016. Currently we are in operation as a successful Virtual Reality...
  3. Investing
    I'm thinking of buying into an EFT for the tech sector. I came across couple of them .... IGM & IYW (iShares EFTs). I would love to hear from members on their picks from different efts in this sector. Thanks in advance.
  4. Off Topic Lounge
    Pretty interesting clip on mechanical, electrical, communication contracting business in based Oakville, Naylor Group bought by current president in 1984 while company was on brink of bankruptcy and how it has turned around since then with his children in management and plans to double revenue...
1-4 of 6 Results