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  1. non-registered taxable account in Canada for non-residents

    I am a US resident and a Canadian non-resident for tax purposes. I have an RRSP (holding approx. 30K) which I am planning to cash out and maintain in a Canadian bank checking/Savings account. Is there a way I can invest in canadian stocks, ETFs (follow a DIY strategy) while being a US resident...
  2. risk free with minimal interest (td waterhouse business account)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi there, What are some risk free (or relatively low risk) investment account I would be able to purchase through td waterhouse? Basically, I have a td warterhouse account for my business (I only widthdraw a portion through dividend and leave the rest in the business after paying business tax)...
  3. TD Canada Trust e-Series TFSA vs TD Waterhouse e-Series TFSA

    Hi All, Given that you can get the maintenance fee waived and you can purchase TD e-Series mutual funds transaction-fee free in a TD Waterhouse TSFA account, is there there any difference between that and a TD Canada Trust Mutual Fund TFSA that uses the same e-Series funds? Thanks!
  4. My trade did not go through...what did I do wrong

    I made a buy order through TD Waterhouse for CEF.A at 20 at 2:59EST yesterday. ( CEF Yahoo Finance Chart ). According to the price chart I should have gotten my order filled. Now I have no idea of the mechanics in stock buy and sell, so I am guessing I set something incorrectly. Or maybe TD...