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  1. Investing
    I am a US resident and a Canadian non-resident for tax purposes. I have an RRSP (holding approx. 30K) which I am planning to cash out and maintain in a Canadian bank checking/Savings account. Is there a way I can invest in canadian stocks, ETFs (follow a DIY strategy) while being a US resident...
  2. General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi there, What are some risk free (or relatively low risk) investment account I would be able to purchase through td waterhouse? Basically, I have a td warterhouse account for my business (I only widthdraw a portion through dividend and leave the rest in the business after paying business tax)...
  3. Investing
    Hi All, Given that you can get the maintenance fee waived and you can purchase TD e-Series mutual funds transaction-fee free in a TD Waterhouse TSFA account, is there there any difference between that and a TD Canada Trust Mutual Fund TFSA that uses the same e-Series funds? Thanks!
  4. Investing
    I made a buy order through TD Waterhouse for CEF.A at 20 at 2:59EST yesterday. ( CEF Yahoo Finance Chart ). According to the price chart I should have gotten my order filled. Now I have no idea of the mechanics in stock buy and sell, so I am guessing I set something incorrectly. Or maybe TD...
1-4 of 4 Results