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  1. 46% fixed tax deductions from yearly bonus?

    It is my first time to recive yearly bonus and it came to my knowledge that 46% of it will be deducted as tax. and no tax return will be issued. is this true? Thanks a lot
  2. Margin account interest for combination dividend and non-dividend shares

    I do have a margin account and based on the money I borrowed I am paying interest. Some of the shares that I am holding are paying dividends every quarter and some do not. During a year some of shares dispositioned (maybe even before paying dividends) but I have always received dividends...
  3. Self Directed RSP mortgage with interest being tax deductible.

    Thinking about this and wondered if anyone might have implemented it, and how it went. From my RSP or RIF redeem investments and set up a self directed first mortgage on principal residence. Use the proceeds to invest in an non registered investment, like a growth ETF or M Fund. It would...
  4. Using investment property equity for retirement income?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hello, Quick question for anyone willing to take a look... Let's say Im retired, I have investment savings and a rental property. Can I use the equity in my investment property to draw as retirement monthly income? Let's say I put a HELOC on it - Is the tax deductible in this case? Thanks, G
  5. Line 303 - Spouse or common-law partner amount

    I want to know if I can ask this credit in 2015. At the beginning of the 2015 after new year's eve, my employer made me fill out a form from Revenu Québec called "SOURCE DEDUCTIONS RETURN 2015" (Déclaration pour la retenue d''impôt 2015) where I indicated that I supported economically my...
  6. Child care expenses do not affect return - are they dependent on salary?

    Hi, I would appreciate some advice. The situation is as follows: My 2011 net income was over 81$k. My wife wasn't working and only received $1,200 in UCCB. Our child went to daycare, for which we paid over 7$k. Regardless of whether I claim these expenses on my return (eligible as per...
  7. Best HELOC Available Right Now

    Real Estate
    For anyone that has recently initiated or been recently looking at HELOC options, what is the best option right now? I know MDJ made a post a couple years ago on this and there is a comparison chart for all the available readvanceable mortgages in Canada but this was made almost 2 years ago...