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  1. Personal tax return - Multiple T2202A forms from different years

    I have 5 T2202A forms from my 5 years enrollment in a program during 2010-2015 years. I have never claimed for my T2202A's in my tax returns since then, and this year (2018 tax year) I want to claim for them. The question is whether I can enter all five forms in my tax return for 2018? If yes...
  2. Claim moving expenses for coming from outside of Canada

    I moved to Canada in 2017 in order to work but actually I recived payments from my employer starting from 2018. So when I was filing my taxes for 2017 I didn't know much about tax and since I didn't have that much income I didn't took it seriously. later someone told me that I could use the...
  3. How to add my mother as dependent for tax

    Hi there, Thanks for reading this. I need some information for tax filing. My mom is 63 year old and unemployed (no other income source). She has been living with my family since 2013 and I happily pay for all her cost. She depends on me for full financial support. I was wondering if I could...
  4. How to extract tax-credit related info on RRSP from the notice of assessment

    Hello Everyone, Could somebody kindly point out where in the notice of assessment I could see how much tax credit I received for my RRSP investment? In the assessment notice, I can see the total credit amount as a lump sum. How could I ensure that I put the RRSP tax return back into my RRSP...
  5. Transfering educational tax credit from my wife

    Hello, I live in BC. My wife was a student in 2016. She didn't have any income. I paid 19K for her university program. We want to file our taxes for 2016. It is her first time filing tax in Canada as she she came to Canada in mid 2015 and we didn't file 2015 for her. Now the question is, how...
  6. Tax choice and donation

    hi, I am unpleased with how my tax dollars are spent and I feel rather powerless with my vote and the choice of party. I had the idea of donating as much as the taxes I pay to charities thinking all of it was a tax credit, but here it BC only 29% of it is. That still leaves 71% of my taxes...
  7. Tuition/Education carry forward

    Hi All, I am a recently graduated MBA student filing Canadian taxes for the first time. I have a three questions I was wondering about: 1) How far back can you go to claim educational expenses? Reason being I also attended undergrad in Canada from 2003-2007 and was wondering if that was...
  8. Line 303 - Spouse or common-law partner amount

    I want to know if I can ask this credit in 2015. At the beginning of the 2015 after new year's eve, my employer made me fill out a form from Revenu Québec called "SOURCE DEDUCTIONS RETURN 2015" (Déclaration pour la retenue d''impôt 2015) where I indicated that I supported economically my...
  9. TFSA or maximizing RRSP

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi, Since my work is part time, my employer is npt withdrawing tax from my paycheque. Last year I had to pay taxes. I am wondering putting the money in my self directed TFSA after paying the tax or put it in the RRSP and get tax benefit. Thanks
  10. Little known individual tax claim for monies lost investing or loaning to a Can Corp

    As a small business owner, who struggled to make ends meet last year (business lost money; thanks to self!), I was ecstatic that I could recoup some of the money I invested into my corporation on my personal salary from the company. I thought I would pass on the information as I had never heard...
  11. ETF Dividend Tax Credit

    Are dividends from ETFs that hold only Canadian companies eligible for the Canadian dividend tax credit? The ETF in question is XIC (ISHARES CD SP/TSX CAP ETF).