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  1. Individual Stocks/Equities
    Baseload Energy conference call with CEO James Sykes. Thursday, March 25th @ 1:15pm PT, EMAIL FOR INVITE [email protected]
  2. Taxation
    If I transfer my stock earnings into my TFSA would it save me from paying taxes on it?
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello, what brought me here was investing in a few stocks based in Canada and listed on the Nasdaq. I was looking for fellow traders dealing with Canadian companies and trading discussions. A google search suggested this site. Did I reach the best website for this?
  4. Investing
    I am looking to explore some Canadian stocks companies that could benefit from the potential law change that would allow USA to import drugs from here. Do you have any suggestions for stocks to look into TIA
  5. Taxation
    Pls give some estimate of how much taxes I would pay if I trade US stock while living in Canada? I'm a newcomer from Kazakhstan, going to live in Canada starting from july 2018. I already have a foreign individual account with TD Ameritrade, still hold kazakhstani passport and there is legal...
  6. Taxation
    Hi can someone please help me with the below. My friend purchased some stock for me under her investment account. I.e. X number of Shares of ABC. I now have my own investment account and would like to transfer those shares to me. I know the obvious way to do that is for her to sell it and for...
  7. Investing
    Friends, Did you notice any signs of the stock market crash is here or not.
  8. Investing
    Hi there, this is my first post in the community but I've been reading many threads for a while. A little about me, I'm 29, professional career, only debt is mortgage. I'm looking for advise on making the move from my all-mutual fund portfolio at a large bank to opening a discount broker account...
  9. Investing
    Hi everyone, First time posting here in the forum. I am new to investing and just have my money sitting in a TFSA within Meridian Credit Union. I am wondering how I go about investing within my TFSA? Do I need to sign up with a brokerage such as Questrade online? Or can I pick ETF's, etc...
  10. Investing
    I invested in Shopify stocks last year and got a really high cut. I am just wondering what are the best stocks to invest this year?
  11. Money Diaries
    Basic Info Age: 37 Net Income (after taxes): $118,000 (Single income family of 5) Status: Married Assets House $700,000.00 TFSA $63,163.89 RRSP $74,402.00 Savings $26,950.89 Pension $165,205.00 Vehicles $30,000.00 Silver and Cash...
  12. Taxation
    Hi everyone, I have some US stocks (VTI and VXUS) in my non-registered account with RBC. I know that their dividends are subject to the 15% withholding tax. However, I file a US tax return and have a SSN. So, is there any way for me to avoid the tax? Perhaps by including those securities on...
  13. Individual Stocks/Equities
    Hey guys, What are your thoughts on lithium? I'm following NMX since it is a Quebec company and tries to expand its company. For my part, as I read some articles on the subject, I think that lithium will take a big piece of our future (electric cars, electronics, drugs, etc.).
  14. Taxation
    Hi. I'm trying to help out somebody who is in a unusual situation and I thought I'd try here first to help narrow down our options. A good while ago my friend went to work in the United States and acquired some company stock from her company. She left that company, came back to Canada but...
  15. Investing
    Hi guys, What do you think of Diamond mine in Quebec, world class division... I bought about 1.5k shares last week and I'm thinking to reinvest... I'm working in the engineering field and some of my colleagues were telling me that this mine is a serious one. Construction is going...
  16. Taxation
    I was hoping to get some clarification on what my Accountant considers a “grey area” with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), with respect to CRA's application of Capital Gains treatment for people buying and selling stocks with some frequency. After reading articles and bulletins online explaining...
  17. Investing
    Nice article on BABA!What-to-do-with-Alibaba-BABA-Now/c95u/8996C961-06C6-49FC-BBDF-83BC55092204
  18. General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi everyone, I just want to get some feedback regarding investing on your own. I invest on my own and I love doing it. I want to teach others how to. But it seems like there is this brick wall preventing people. I just want to get some of your insight as to what you think are the...
  19. General Discussion
    So, if investment products (stocks, GIC's longer than 5 years, bonds, etc.) are not covered by CDIC, does that mean that a bank could seize them to pay off any debts in case of bankruptcy? (Or is that not an issue because they are actually in the stock owner's name, not the bank's name?)
  20. Investing
    Worldwide, electricity prices are falling in many (most?) places due to decreased demand and increased supply. At least, wholesale prices are; it doesn't seem like the end consumer is reaping most of the benefit...