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  1. Investing
    Hi, I am new to investing and have excess cash sitting in various high interest savings accounts (1.5% !!) I am in my early 30's and have no debts or property. I am looking to take half our cash savings and hedge against weakening canadian dollar and hedge against a down turn in the stock...
  2. Investing
    Friends, Did you notice any signs of the stock market crash is here or not.
  3. Azx

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    Azx been performing well last couple of days. Volume was double the average 2 days ago. Might be a good buy to look into, new news releases are expected.
  4. Individual Stocks/Equities
    Since nobody has started a Disney thread, I guess I'll be the one. Disney is down approximately 20% since November of last year, even though they had record profits. They have a lot of movies coming up over the next few years: Their...
  5. Individual Stocks/Equities
    According to Google finance, the P/E ration for Loblaw is 575.15 as of today. I don't understand why this stock is has climbed so much over the last year (> 50%). Their net profit margin was 2.16% last quarter. Is this high valuation because they're sacrificing profits in an attempt to...
  6. Taxation
    Hello, I work for a US start-up company from which I have received Stock Options (not yet excercisable). Does anyone know the best course of action to reduce tax burden in Canada ? No date for stocks to go public (at least 3 years or so as this is a very early startup). I am afraid that when...
  7. Investing
    Nice article on BABA!What-to-do-with-Alibaba-BABA-Now/c95u/8996C961-06C6-49FC-BBDF-83BC55092204
  8. Individual Stocks/Equities
    When the group attempting the takeover has such a large percentage of the stock (40%, as of March 4), is takeover inevitable? I imagine they'll be at 50% soon if they're buying agressively. At that point, wouldn't they effectively control the corporation? Is there hope for a higher buyout price?
  9. Investing
    Hi everyone I'm not saying this to brag and to be very honest when I purchased AAPL at $405 (actually purchased LEAPs) I was expecting to either sell for a quick loss or hold to $430. But as it bounced around $430 I decided to hold it and after getting back from vacation it was up to $500. Just...
  10. Investing
    I've been checking out Stock Rover and it is pretty damned slick. Can't beat the price, it's free at the moment. There is tons of fabulous information here and great tools. I mean amazing. This blows away any brokerage tool I've ever seen and it's a fast web app. How...
  11. Investing
    Hello, I have searched, but am trying to figure out how to calculate the total return of a stock, after the purchase of options to reduce downside risk. I am wondering for both circumstances, either allowing the options to expire, or sell them closer to the expiration date. It may be simpler...
  12. Investing
    I've been following the VIX (aka Fear Index) for awhile now. I superimposed a 5 year graph of the VIX over the stock market index and noticed an interesting correlation. Generally speaking, if one goes up, the other goes down. Since the range of the volatility index is confined from 1 to 100%...
  13. Investing
    When a mistake is made, such as typing a sale for $65 for a stock that is worth $650, and the sale goes through, is there a way to get that stock back? Luckily I haven't made this mistake myself, but I have seen sales go through for some stocks (I get alerts when they go below whatever dollar...
  14. Taxation
    I have stock options in a company that I obtained in exchange for work done. I have non-registered and registered trading accounts. I want to know if I could exercise these options through my TFSA and if my capital gains would still not be taxed? Meaning that if I had enough money on my TFSA to...
  15. Investing
    When stock trading, I understand that there are limits to the number of trades one can make with respect to a single company's stock within a certain time period. Can anyone confirm or provide any details? Thanks very much.
1-15 of 16 Results