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  1. Investing
    I think in the next week or two market will reach a short term bottom two, bottom is coming.
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hello, what brought me here was investing in a few stocks based in Canada and listed on the Nasdaq. I was looking for fellow traders dealing with Canadian companies and trading discussions. A google search suggested this site. Did I reach the best website for this?
  3. Investing
    Anyone know why QQQ (Nasdaq-100 US ETF) outperforms its Canadian equivalents ZQQ and XQQ? - In the last 5 years QQQ has increased by 94.92% while ZQQ and XQQ both increased by only 87.36% Whatever the reasons, is it a better deal to invest in QQQ and pay the currency conversion fee every time...
  4. Taxation
    Pls give some estimate of how much taxes I would pay if I trade US stock while living in Canada? I'm a newcomer from Kazakhstan, going to live in Canada starting from july 2018. I already have a foreign individual account with TD Ameritrade, still hold kazakhstani passport and there is legal...
  5. Investing
    Friends, Did you notice any signs of the stock market crash is here or not.
  6. General Personal Finance Talk
    HI, I was wondering if there is a service that one can subscribe to which automatically monitors share prices on the tsx and as soon as a selected share crosses a certain threshold, you get a notification... does anyone know of such a service for shares (incl ETFs) listed on the TSX?
  7. General Personal Finance Talk
    The stock market is soaring but where are people getting this money? Are they exiting other positions? Were they sitting on a lot of cash? Such a surge but doesn't something have to go down?
  8. General Personal Finance Talk
    Beware of Canadian Casino Caesars Windsor, Ontario, Canada is committing fraud at table games and cheating is very common. They will rob you blind before you know it. They will make you win some and then fraud you big time. Caesars Windsor committing fraud using remote control dice at Craps...
  9. Investing
    Hello everyone, I've built a decent amount of savings over the years and I'm ready to start investing some of it. When it comes to personal finance and creating wealth, there is no better long-term investing strategy than the stock market. But how do I start investing? What do I need to know...
1-9 of 9 Results