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  1. Taxation
    Hello, I work at a small US-based startup (with a small Canadian branch) and am confused about some tax implications regarding restricted shares. I have the ability to be granted restricted shares now, which would vest in the coming years. The fair market value is currently very, very low. Am I...
  2. Taxation
    Hi folks, I'm new here. This looks like a great resource, thanks! I'm a Canadian citizen joining a US startup. I'm coming on as an independent contractor, initially, so I can get paid, and as an employee once they have set up their global payroll (this was a pre-seed company until very...
  3. Taxation
    From a tax perspective, is it better to own shares in a startup personally, or via another company that you own? The company is a software startup, so we're hoping that it will eventually be worth millions of dollars (although it is currently worth zero-ish dollars). On the slim but non-zero...
1-3 of 3 Results