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  1. Student looking to start investing $4000; need brokerage advice!

    I am an upper-year University student, and I would like to get my toe in the water investing in equities with $4000 I currently hold; my background is strong in math, and I have a strong grasp of financials and world news (been reading the paper cover-to-cover for 6 years, every day). I am...
  2. Starting out at 63 - Basic beginner question

    I have never invested before, do not have any retirement accounts, do not have a level of income that generates a tax bill, but am about to receive $57K of investments - two lots of shares and one mutual fund. Before I can make decisions about what if any changes to make to the investments, I...
  3. How, where and what to learn?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I got engaged last year (Wedding will be July 1, 2012) and up until this point I had basically spent every penny I had ever earned on travel and having fun. But now at the of 29, getting married and thinking about having children in the next 2-3 years I start to view things differently, (still...