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  1. Taxation
    Hello, I live in BC. My wife was a student in 2016. She didn't have any income. I paid 19K for her university program. We want to file our taxes for 2016. It is her first time filing tax in Canada as she she came to Canada in mid 2015 and we didn't file 2015 for her. Now the question is, how...
  2. Taxation
    Hi, I'm a full-time employee (not on a contract). My wife and I are both electrical engineers. My wife has been on maternity leave in 2012. Sometimes I bring some of my work to do at home over the weekends and my wife sometimes helps me doing that. My question is now this: can I transfer some...
  3. General Personal Finance Talk
    I just learned something new, but it opens up a bunch of new questions for me! I didn't know all the income splitting rules, and just discovered this: A prescribed rate loan. Gifts of interest free loans from a higher income spouse to a lower income spouse result in investment income being...
1-3 of 3 Results