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  1. Cash Damming with no HELOC??

    Real Estate
    I have my principal residence ($500K market value) with no HELOC We have several rental properties, with more than 200K/year expenditures Can we implement cash damming without having HELOC in our primary residence? We have some HELOC in some rentals. Other option would be to refinace to have...
  2. Smith Menoeuvre - Can I implement in my sutation

    Real Estate
    Hi there, this is my first post but I've been following Canadian money forum from some time and it is very informative. My current situation is I have bought a new house and want to make it my principal residence and turn my old house into rental. I should have positioned myself batter but...
  3. Making principle residence mortgage tax deductible via debt swap to rentals.

    Real Estate
    Hello all. So we currently own a principle residence as well as own and self manage 6 rental buildings with 13 units combined. We have a mortgage on our personal residence and own 2 rentals outright and 4 rentals have mortgages. We are thinking of refinancing our rental properties and using...
  4. Smith Maneovre/HELOC Scenario

    I'm looking for some input on my present scenario. I'm coming up on the renewal for my mortgage. My HELOC rate is currently Prime + .5% (3.5%). I've been trying to negotiate that down as I've got $72k on it used for investment purposes and it will probably go up to $96k shortly. RBC isn't...
  5. Stock Screening

    Good morning all, I have been viewing this forum and MillionDollarJourney over the last few months while I have been educating myself in the world of stock investing. Although I am fairly financially savvy but I haven't focused on investing up until now. I am primarily looking at beginning to...
  6. SM - Tax Implications

    My wife and I (early 30s) dipped our toes into the SM waters for the first time in 2010. As a result, this tax season is our first time taking advantage of the interest expense deduction. As I gleaned from other threads, in situations like this either my wife or I could claim the interest...
  7. Best HELOC Available Right Now

    Real Estate
    For anyone that has recently initiated or been recently looking at HELOC options, what is the best option right now? I know MDJ made a post a couple years ago on this and there is a comparison chart for all the available readvanceable mortgages in Canada but this was made almost 2 years ago...
  8. Would the Smith Manoeuvre make sense in this case?

    My dad has a house he's been diligently paying off the last 15 years. He's got around $350k in equity in this house (with $80k left on his mortgage). He was looking to buy a second investment property with the way the markets are right now. He has a HELOC of whch he's only using around $8k. I...