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  1. Help Me Help My Mom - The Story

    So I've joined this forum with the primary purpose of obtaining advice on what has become my enjoyable but complex responsibility of managing my mom's wealth. I hope that this will be an enjoyable exercise that may be of great benefit to my mom who deserves the best as she has and continues to...
  2. Should My Wife Incorporate

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Should my wife incorporate, will we see any tax benefit? My Income ~ $105,000 Wife Income ~ $160,000 No Children Currently I am an employee of a large firm so no chance to incorporate. Wife is self employed. Business Details: - Excluded from GST program due to nature of work - No employees...
  3. Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Option(s)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Since there are a lot of small business types on the forum, I'm wondering if some of you have used CRMs. If so, which one(s) do you prefer, and why? Which has the best price / user interface / reliability / usefulness / support / integration with other services like linkedin? Any thoughts?
  4. Taxes: Self-employed vs small business

    Hi everyone, Just hoping you can help me decide whether it's best to be self-employed or a small business. I am a health professional working as an independent contractor (recently graduated so I still have tuition that can be carried over) - I fall under the exempt bracket for hst/GST My...
  5. Contracting company run out of your home/tax write offs

    My husband and I are struggling with a disagreement on what type of home to buy. He is being posted (military) and there's a good chance he will be posted again in three years (although he could easily stay where he is as well). We will not rent due to many reasons. There is a strong market...
  6. Little known individual tax claim for monies lost investing or loaning to a Can Corp

    As a small business owner, who struggled to make ends meet last year (business lost money; thanks to self!), I was ecstatic that I could recoup some of the money I invested into my corporation on my personal salary from the company. I thought I would pass on the information as I had never heard...
  7. Possible to expense rent?

    Hi, I'm a contract engineer being hired on a 9 month job through my incorporated company. I'll have to find a place near the job where I'm to spend the weeknights, but I'll be home for the weekends. Can I expense the rent on this place? Utilities, internet, etc.? The stuff I've read online...