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  1. Corner Lot value appreciation

    Real Estate
    I've been receiving mixed views regarding this, but I thought I would post here to see what people have to say. My main Question is: Do corner lots appreciate at the same rate as other houses. I know the price of the corner lot(assuming traffic) will be less than normal houses, but will they...
  2. Selling or Renting our Calgary Condos

    Real Estate
    I have been following the forums for a long time but this is my first post here. As the title says, my wife and I own two condos in Calgary and we are debating whether we should sell or rent them, in advance of our move to one of BC's Gulf Islands where we plan to semi-retire on our small...
  3. In your opinion, what is the best site for Canadian commercial real estate?

    Real Estate
    In terms of ease of use, most useful information, most listings, etc. The MLS-equivalent ( doesn't seem to provide a lot of information about its listings. My biggest pet peeve is the lack of ability to refine your settings while searching. Are there any alternative sites...
  4. Rental Property & Family

    Real Estate
    My sister and fiancée are not as well off as I have been fortunate to be financially. They have spent the last 3 years renting a home that was sub-par and finally got the motivation to move. Unfortunately they were not sound enough financially to be owning a home (and made the smart decision...