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  1. Real Estate
    Hi all -- We recently expanded our family and moved away from Vancouver (we couldn't afford a house in Vancouver so we bought a house in the Interior of BC and relocated). We kept our 2-bedroom townhouse in Vancouver as a rental property. We now have a good amount of equity in the rental...
  2. Investing
    What are your thoughts on the buying and selling of physical gold bars? I understand that buying them is relatively easy especially with dozens of online retailers like JM Bullion and who knows who else? But if you wanted to sell them back for a decent price how would you go about doing that and...
  3. Investing
    Hi everyone I'm not saying this to brag and to be very honest when I purchased AAPL at $405 (actually purchased LEAPs) I was expecting to either sell for a quick loss or hold to $430. But as it bounced around $430 I decided to hold it and after getting back from vacation it was up to $500. Just...
1-3 of 3 Results