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  1. Retirement
    I am retired but I am interested to know if anyone knows if I could set up a company and then become a self employed ski instructor. I'd like to explore the possibility of doing this so I could claim the necessary certification training costs as a business expense.
  2. Taxation
    Hello Canadian Money Forum, I am self employed and I noticed I have an amount in my Turbo Tax for the Business-use-of-home-expenses available to carry forward. How can this value be used in my future Tax return(s)? Thank you
  3. Taxation
    Hey folks. First time posting here! I have an HST account for a Sole Proprietorship that was active many years ago. A couple years ago I closed the HST account since I had only filed nil remittances for several years, and didn't anticipate doing any further business through it. Fast forward to...
  4. Taxation
    Hi, I'm self employed. My client needed me to go to USA to do some work. They paid for my flight and hotel directly. I paid for my meals while there, and the client reimbursed me. And of course they paid me my daily rate for the work I did. When I invoiced the client, I charged GST for the...
1-4 of 4 Results