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  1. Minimum account balances

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I’ve been looking at options to move away from the TD All Inclusive Account due to the 5K minimum balance required. I do like having unlimited transactions, so the other option with TD is the next account down which still requires 4K. I have some savings and GIC with a credit union but this...
  2. Saving to buy Mawer Balanced MAW104 in RRSP

    Hi all, I've been browsing the forum for a few days now with great interest. I'm new to the forum and though I would get some of your opinions on how best to realize one of my goals for my RRSP. I'm a young 30s professional and have been investing since 2007. I used the Home buyer's plan to...
  3. What did you do when you became Debt Free?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    CMF I am curious to know what you did (if anything) when you became Debt free? I have been debt free for just over a year now.. and I basically moved all my debt payments into my RRSP and TFSA funds.. but surely someone has done something more exciting then me? :smilet-digitalpoint
  4. Travel Source "Travel Savings" Program

    I bought into a travel "savings" program that I was very unhappy with called Travel Source or Go Travel Source. I was unable to find information on the web about other people's experiences with it and wanted to get my experience out there so other people could make a better informed decision...
  5. Spousal RRSP strategy for a stay-home spouse?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi, I've recently found out about Spousal RRSPs and I was wondering if this tax deferment strategy is a valid one. I'm in a situation where my wife will be a stay home mom, therefore her income being $0, for the next 6 years and I'll earn about $90,000 a year. Since her income will be $0 for...

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Ok, here is our situation. I am a nursing student, soon to be graduated in 1.5 years at which point I will join the full time work force (oh joy!). My partner makes around $80,000/year. He does not like money talk, and until I came along had been accruing credit card debt. He struggles with...
  7. Emergency TFSA Cash Fund

    There are some excellent threads on this forum talking about using the TFSA as an emergency fund but I haven't found one that answers my question. If you've decided on cash fund, in a low risk account where access is easy, then what kind of product are you using? For example, Four Pillars has...
  8. Where to store foreign currencies (HKD, GBP, EUR)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I've been doing more and more traveling, so I have been purchasing HKD, EUR and GBP when the dollar is strong against those currencies. So far, the only bank I've found that can hold them is HSBC. Does anyone know of any other FIs that offer foreign currencies? This is pretty much a savings...